Payday Loans

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Financial solutions should be accessible, transparent, and hassle-free, just like the process of securing your dream home. At Washington Savings Association, we understand that life sometimes throws unexpected curveballs, and that's where our payday loans come into play. We've taken the same commitment to simplicity and convenience that defines our mortgage loans and applied it to provide you with quick and efficient payday loan options.

Budgeting Made Easy

Our payday loan calculator is here to assist you in managing your short-term financial needs. It allows you to estimate the amount you can borrow, helping you confidently navigate your financial challenges. By using this tool, you'll find that applying for a payday loan with us is a stress-free experience.

Representative Example

You need to borrow $300 to cover unexpected medical expenses. By using our payday loan calculator, you can see that with a 14-day repayment term, the total amount due would be $345, including fees. This means you'd repay the borrowed amount plus a $45 fee after two weeks.

Just keep in mind that each lender may apply its own rates and fees that can differ from those provided in the example. Also, your state law regulations can affect the final payday loans cost. Interest rates and fees for payday loans in Pennsylvania will not be the same as in California.

Flexible Repayment Options

For you to accommodate your particular situation, we provide a range of repayment plans. We have a variety of flexible choices to meet your needs, whether you require a payday loan for a few days or a few weeks. We think giving you financial autonomy is important so you can comfortably repay your loan.

Transparent Terms

The terms and conditions of our payday loans are transparent. You'll be completely aware of the amount you're borrowing, the costs, and the due date for repayment. There are no hidden fees or charges since we believe in complete transparency.

Fast and Secure Online Application

You can submit an online application with our NEW Online Payday Loan Center in as little as 20 minutes. Life moves quickly, and you shouldn't either when you need financial support, in our opinion. Your information is secure on our online application platform, which guarantees its protection.

A Helping Hand When You Need It Most

Because of the unpredictability of life, there are times when you need a little more support to pay for unforeseen costs. Our payday loans can help with that. We're here to give you the financial assistance you require, so you may pay attention to what's most important to you.

Ready to Get Started?

Our devoted team of loan specialists is available to help you if you have any concerns about our payday loans or would like to learn more about your options. Call 215-698-9400 to reach our main office, and we'll help you with the payday loan application.