Mortgage Loans

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An enjoyable experience should come with buying a new house.

By easing the stress associated with applying for a mortgage, we hope to contribute to making that reality. We encourage you to utilize our mortgage loan calculator because of this. It will assist you in determining the appropriate home size for you, allowing you to apply for a mortgage loan with us in a more relaxed manner.

Home purchases and refinances are both eligible for mortgage loans. Washington Savings Association provides you with fantastic rates, costs, and prompt processing of your mortgage.

  • There are several terms for repayment. Contact Us Today!
  • We provide a loan type known as a Conventional Loan, which has a fixed rate and fixed principal and interest payments for the duration of the loan. This form of loan makes it simple to budget because your payment will never change. A traditional mortgage loan often has a higher interest rate than an adjustable rate mortgage.

With our NEW Online Mortgage Center, you may apply online right now in as little as 20 minutes.

Afteryou have a general idea of the size of the homes that fall within your price range, you can estimate your monthly payments based on the principal and interest using our handy mortgage loan calculator. Typically, you pay the closing expenses all at once when you apply for the loan. Additionally not shown but potentially added to your monthly payments are other annual expenses like taxes, insurance, and mortgage life insurance.

Does Refinancing Make Sense for You? Call 215-698-9400 to speak with one of our mortgage loan specialists for more information on which selection is best for you.

Call our main office mortgage department at 215-698-9400 if you have questions about mortgages for commercial or investment properties or JUMBO residential loans (above $453,100).